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The legal stuff

(Our terms and conditions)


AGREEMENT – when you look around the Site or when you order from us, these Terms apply.

They have 4 parts:

o General Terms

o Buying Terms

o Definitions

o Privacy Notice


These Terms apply to anyone visiting the Site, whether you order from us or not.


You agree that:

You are over the age of 18 years.

You will have only one Account with us.

You will not pretend to be someone else when you use the Site.

If you link to another site through us, you will read their terms and conditions.

You won’t use robots, spiders, scrapers or similar things on the Site.

You won’t try to get around any things we put on the site to stop or limit access to

parts of it.

You won’t do anything that might cause our systems to crash.

You won’t steal the site or any part of it for use in any other site or application.

You won’t try to modify, translate, adapt, edit, decompile, disassemble or reverse

engineer any of the systems we use.

You won’t use our trademarks and/or designs and/or layout before asking us.



We and our business partners own all of the IP on the Site.

You mustn’t copy or use any of that IP without our permission.



We can’t promise that the Site will work how you want it to work – we’ve done our best

but our ideas may not match yours.

We can’t promise that the Site will work with your device or will be secure.

We can’t promise that all information we provide is accurate.

The advice we offer on the Site is only general in nature and may not apply to you; so

don’t rely on what we say when you make any decisions.

If using our Site causes your device issues, unless we have caused them deliberately, we

have no responsibility to put them right.

If you link to another site through us, you’ll make sure it’s safe to do so – we can’t control

other sites.



When using any forums we may put up on the Site you agree to abide by the following rules:

o You must not use obscene or vulgar language.

o Nothing you submit can be unlawful or otherwise objectionable.

o You must not publish material which may be abusive, threatening, harassing,

defamatory, racist, ageist or sexist.

o Nothing you submit may be designed to promote violence.

o All your posts must be in English.

o You must not post links to other sites which may break these rules.

o You can’t use any forum to advertise.

o You must not impersonate anyone else.

o You may not post anything which contains any viruses, trojans, crawlers or anything

else which might damage, interrogate or otherwise access our software, hardware or

communications networks.

We have the absolute right to moderate all posts on the Site and to remove any post which

we do not want.

When you submit a post you are warranting that you are the author of that post and that you

own all rights associated with it and that we can repost it without paying or getting permission

from anyone.

When viewing posts you accept that we are not the author and that any views expressed may

not be our views.

If you see a post which you find objectionable tell us as soon as you can and we will consider

whether or not it should be removed.



We never guarantee that the Site will be available all the time and if it’s not available for any

reason you can’t hold us responsible for anything you lose as a result.

We have the right to change the Site and the services it offers, suspend it or stop it at any




As far as we are allowed by law we deny liability for any losses of all kind which you incur

from visiting the site. You use the site at your own risk.

Nothing in these Terms excludes or restricts our liability for death or personal injury resulting

from any negligence or fraud on our part.


We don’t control any of the websites we link to and aren’t responsible for the content of them

and don’t have liability if you lose anything when using them.

Just because we link to a site does not mean that we endorse or recommend that site.

We can never guarantee that a link will work.


These Terms will change from time to time and we don’t have the resources to let all our

visitors know about the changes.

Each time you visit the Site, you agree to look at this page to see if we have changed any


We can change the Site as often as we choose and these Terms will still apply to any

changes we make.


Operative Law – This agreement under which these Terms operate is made under the laws of

England and Wales and that is the only jurisdiction which can govern it.

Partnership/Joint Ventures – We are not entering into a partnership or co-venture with you.

Effect of Agreement – These Terms supercede all previous terms and represent the entire

understanding between you and us.

Time of the Essence – Time will not be of the essence in any part of these Terms.

Unenforceability - If a Court or other body says that any part of these Terms is unenforceable,

the rest of them will stand.

Notices – If either you or we need to give formal notice to the other it must be done by email

to the address each of us gives to the other from time to time.

Entire Agreement – These Terms contain the entire understanding between us.



These Terms apply if you want to buy anything using the Site.


If you want to order anything from us, you must create an Account.

When you create an Account you promise that:

All information you give us is accurate and truthful.

You will keep this information accurate and up-to-date.

You will not share your Account with anyone else.

You will keep your Account details confidential.

You will not give your username or password to anyone else.

You must log off when you exit the Account.

We may close your Account if you break these Terms or if there has been no activity on the

Account for 12 months and you don’t reactivate the Account after we have requested that you

do so.

If we send a payment to your bank account and it is refused and you do not supply us with an

alternative bank account within 28 days of us asking you, we may keep the monies in that

account and you will be entitled to nothing.

If you do anything which we think might be fraud, we have the right to report those actions to

the Police and the money standing to the credit of your Account may be kept by us to cover

the costs we are put to in dealing with your fraud.

You may only have one Account with us.

To receive cashbacks and other money back offers and to be part of our referral programme

you must be a UK resident with a UK bank account.

You must validate your email address with us and if you change your address at any other

time you must tell us.

If you have not authenticated your current email address with us; and/or if it cannot accept

service emails from us and/or you mark our emails as spam, abusive or junk then and in any

such event, we can close your Account without refunding any balance due to you.

If we earn any commission on any transaction in which we are involved or any interest on the

money deposited in your Account we may keep that commission and/or interest.

You can cancel your Account with us at any time; all you need to do is to email us at


We will not retain any information relating to your bank or credit cards except the information

that you give to us so that we can credit your bank account.


We may offer voucher, discount and coupon codes from time to time; they will be effective

only on the terms on which they are offered.


A binding contract, on these Terms, will come into existence when we accept an order from


Until we tell you, by email or otherwise, that we have accepted your order, we can reject it and

will return any money you have sent us using the method by which you paid us.

If, for any reason, we can’t supply the Garment you have ordered, even after we have

accepted your order, as long as we refund all money you have paid us, we will have no further

liability to you.

You warrant that you are buying the Garment for your personal use and not as part of a


You will own the Garment as soon as we have passed it to our carrier and, unless we have

agreed to insure them in transit, they will be sent at your risk.

If we agree to supply a Garment to an address outside the United Kingdom, you agree to pay

all taxes and duties which may be imposed upon it.


We always try to describe all of our products accurately but we can never guarantee that

small changes will occur in manufacture.

The images we use may not look the same on our screens as they will on yours.

All measurements/sizes we publish are subject to minor variations in manufacture.


Any Garment you buy from us will be despatched to you in the manner you have selected on

the Site but, although we will do our best, we cannot guarantee that any delivery time quoted

will be met.

1. Standard Delivery £2.95 (Royal Mail tracked) 2/3 day delivery

2. Next Day Delivery £8.95 (Royal Mail Special Delivery)

3. European Delivery £11.95 (DPD Courier) Tracked & Signed

4. Free UK delivery on orders over £75.00(standard Royal Mail tracked)


If you are buying any Garment from us as a consumer then the following provisions apply.

If you don’t want the Garment, our Cancellation Policy will apply and you must tell us within

14 days of receiving them and cancel this contract using our Cancellation Form (link to

cancellation/policy form here). You must pay to return items you do not require.

Please return using a tracking service as we are not responsible if the returned items do not


If you receive a Garment which:

o is of unsatisfactory quality; or

o is not fit for its purpose; or

o does not match the description of the Garment that you ordered from us; or

o has faults when it is delivered to you; or

o has been damaged in transit,

you must tell us within 30 days of delivery to arrange for its return. We will pay the

reasonable return shipment costs.

You will have the option to replace the Garment (if available) or to request a refund which

we will make through the payment method you used when buying the Garment.

Refunds and/or replacements will be issued only upon our receipt of the returned Garment

in unused original condition in the original packaging and with all original labels and tags


You agree that, for the purposes of the Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and

Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 that we may confirm the terms of the agreement

between you and us and the Garment we are selling by email.

We may reduce the amount we refund to you in the following circumstances:

o you have used and enjoyed the Garment;

o you do not tell us in a timely manner;

o if the individual packaging has been opened;

o If we gave you a discount when you made your order because the Garment was old

or damaged.


If you are not buying as a consumer we will not accept returns unless we have agreed with

any complaint or observation you have made to us within three days of receipt of the




The following words have the following meanings:

We are R J Clothing Limited Company Reg No 10887972, a company registered in

England and Wales whose registered office is at Bute House, Montgomery Way,

Rosehill Industrial Estate, Carlisle CA1 2RW.

Site is

You are a visitor to our site.

Account means the Account you create with us when you register with the Site.

Content means any text, graphics, images, audio, video, software, data compilations

and any other form of information capable of being stored in a computer that appears

on or forms part of this Site.

Garment means the garment or other product/s you order from us.

Terms means the terms and conditions contained herein.

User means any person, firm or company using this Site for any purpose.






Institute Menswear is the trading name and website owned and operated by RJ Clothing Limited.

This notice is designed to give you clear information about what Personal Data we collect and how we

use it. This Privacy Notice applies to the use of Personal Data processed by us and covers the steps

we take when you contact us using the website or in any other way.


To help make this Privacy Notice a little easier to read, we have defined certain words and phrases.

Those definitions are as follows:

GDPR the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679.

Personal Data the data/information we hold about any data subject – as defined further by GDPR.


Privacy Notice the provisions contained in this document.


Who we are

We are RJ Clothing Limited (trading as Institute Menswear), company number 10887972. Registered

Office Bute House, Montgomery Way, Rosehill Industrial Estate, Carlisle CA1 2RW. We are

registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

We are the Data Controller for Personal Data which we use to provide the services which we describe

on the Site and for marketing purposes.

We can be contacted at xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

How do we collect and use Personal Data and what types of Personal Data do we collect?

When you visit the Site, we store Personal Data about your visit using Cookies.

Cookies are text files placed on your computer to collect standard internet log information and visitor

behaviour information. This information is used to track visitor use of the website and to compile

statistical reports on website activity.

For further information about cookies visit:

and / or

Through the use of Cookies, we collect certain Personal Data, including: IP address, identification

number, online identifier, browser information, location data and other similar identifying information

required for your devices to communicate with websites and applications on the internet.

You can set your browser not to accept cookies and the above websites tell you how to remove

cookies from your browser. However, in a few cases some of our website features may not function

as a result.

Completing a form via one of our website pages or sending us information in any other way.

If you complete an online form via one of our Site pages or send us information about yourself in any

other way, we will process this data in order to deal with any order you may make from us.

The Personal Data we hold for you will be held for no longer than we need it. If we cannot help you,

then we will remove your Personal Data as soon as we are able to but, in any event, within three

months of our advising you that we cannot help.

If we can help, then we will retain data relating to your purchase as long as we need it to provide our

services, which will usually be as long as your purchase takes to go through. We may retain some

parts of your Personal Data in order to provide you information about the services and Garment we


offer, promotions we are making and any other information which we feel may be of use to you. In this

case, we may keep your Personal Data for up to six years.

We will remove your Personal Data from our database within three months of the date when we no

longer need it or if you ask us to remove it.

Sharing Data

The Personal Data you submit to us may be passed to the third party service providers, we use to

help us to fulfil your order. This could be delivery services, payment gateways and other service


We may transfer your Personal Data to data processors within and outside the European Economic

Area. If we do so, we will apply appropriate measures and controls to protect your Personal Data in

accordance with applicable data protection laws, regulations and regulatory guidance. In all instances,

we will take into account the nature of the Personal Data we are transferring, and the level of

protection provided by those processors.

Rights that you have

As your Personal Data is held by us you have rights under GDPR that we will always respect. Your

rights are:

 The right to request a copy of the Personal Data which we hold about you without charge;

 The right to request that we correct any incorrect or out of date Personal Data we hold;

 The right to ask us to erase Personal Data when it is no longer necessary for us to keep it;

 The right to withdraw any consent you have given to the processing of your data, at any time;

 The right to request that we provide you with details of the Personal Data we hold about you;

 The right to send your Personal Data directly to another data controller, so that they can

perform a contract with you;

 The right, if you think the Personal Data we hold is wrong, to stop us processing that Personal

Data until the issue is resolved;

 The right to object to the processing of Personal Data, including for marketing purposes;

 The right to lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office (the ICO).

New purpose

If we wish to use your Personal Data for a new purpose, not covered by this Privacy Notice, then we

will provide you with a new notice explaining what we are proposing. We will tell you what we propose

and point out new uses or conditions that we wish to apply. We will not process any Personal Data

without your consent.

Other websites

The Site may contain links to other websites. This Privacy Notice only applies to our Site so, when

you link to other websites, you should read and understand their Privacy Notice.

Contacting us and updating your Data

If you wish to update, correct or change your Personal Data, how we use it or to make a complaint

about what we are doing, you can do so by emailing us at XXXXXX@xxxxxx.

If you make a complaint about how we use your Personal Data and we don’t resolve it your

satisfaction, you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office via their website


We will occasionally update this Privacy Notice. We encourage you to review this Privacy Notice from

time to time, so that you can see any changes and remind yourself as to how we use your Personal


This Privacy Notice was last updated June 2018.





You may have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days without giving any reason.

The 14-day period will start:

If the item we are selling is a physical item – when you receive it.

If we are supplying multiple Garments – then the day upon which you received the last item.

If this is a regular supply – when you receive the first consignment.


To exercise the right you must tell us by post or email and you should use the attached form – but this

is not compulsory. The address you should use is:

[insert address for cancellation form]

To meet the cancellation deadline you must send the form or tell us before the end of the 14-day

period. You should keep a proof of posting if you send us a letter and a proof of posting when sending

a Garment back to us.


If you cancel this contract, we will repay you all payments you have made to us, including delivery

costs (unless you have asked for non-standard delivery).

We can deduct from the amount we send back to you any reduction in value of the Garment which

results from unnecessary handling by you.

We will repay you:

Within 14 days from receiving the Garment back from you.

Within 14 days of receiving proof that you sent the Garment back to us.

If we did not supply the Garment, then within 14 days of your telling us that you want to


We will pay you back using the same method that you paid us.

If you have removed labels and tags from the Garment, if you have damaged them or if you return

them in an unsaleable condition, your rights to cancel your purchase may be affected.





Insert today’s date not later than 14 days from date of receipt

of Garment or order of services




return address




insert consumer’s full name and address


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN of the cancellation of the contract with you for the supply of the following

Garment or services

Description of Garment


if Garment insert full details of Garment and date of receipt


Signed (only if sent by post)


all consumers to sign






Please return goods to:

Institute Menswear

18 St. Cuthberts Lane





Or contact us:

Tel: 01228 819628